Valentine’s Suncatchers

Our new favorite craft for the any holiday is a suncatcher.  With very little prep work, these Valentine’s suncatchers can be completed within a half an hour.  They also appeal to a wide range of abilities and ages.  Corinne, who is two, can do this craft, as well as William, who is in preschool.  My favorite aspect of such a craft is how much is brightens up my home.  Our house faces north, and the back of our house is nearly all windows, so the winter sun shines through these suncatchers in the most uplifting way.


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  • construction paper
  • tissue paper, cut into small squares
  • clear contact paper

Begin by cutting out a few hearts of diminishing sizes.  Cut out the center or each heart and sequence the hearts on the sticky side of a piece of contact paper.

Multiple hearts Valentine's Suncatchers - Stay At Home Educator

Then, invite your child of students to add pieces of tissue paper to the heart.  I had to remind my kiddies to only place tissue paper inside the hearts, since we’ll be cutting away the exterior.

Making Valentine's suncatchers - Stay At Home EducatorApparently the new thing at our house is to stick out your tongue when Mom shows up with the camera.

Once the hearts are full of tissue paper, and there are little to no gaps, add another layer of contact paper on top, encasing the hearts as though you were using contact paper to laminate.

Since my camera isn’t made to take pictures in front of windows, I wanted to share a picture of the finished project before hanging them on my sliding glass door.

Valentine's Suncatchers l Stay At Home Eductaor

Hanging from the windows, these suncatchers contrast the purple construction paper heart with vivid hues of red and pink.


Please join me regularly via  E-mail in the right sidebar, Facebook, Twitter @StayAtHomeEdu, and Pinterest.


6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Suncatchers

  1. Made these yesterday with my 4th graders and they loved it!!! Next wrk my mom and her 1st graders take it on!! My window looks beautiful!!! Thanks for this idea!!

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