Preshool Co-op Week 1 – Farm Theme

Our first week of a new year in Preschool Co-op went so well!  I always love how excited the kids are when they walk in the first day.  Their enthusiasm is so motivating, and their big smiles warm my heart!  (Even though there were a few tears when mom walked out the door).

If this is your first time, please join me regularly via  E-mail in the right sidebar, Facebook, Twitter @StayAtHomeEdu, and Pinterest.  For your convince, I have included some of our favorite products related to farms.  Any purchase of these products goes directly to maintaining this blog.

Theme: Farm

This month we are studying the farm.  This is always a theme that all kids enjoy, plus they can relate it to their own experiences as the local farmers are beginning to harvest their crops.  We just have to drive a few miles in just about any direction to find farm land.  Wheat, corn, potatoes, wax beans, sugar beets, peppermint, onions…you name it.

Sensory Bin–made out of popcorn kernels and some Safari Ltd Down on the Farm Mega TOOB animal figurines.  I also added some farm pictures I’d printed in color from The Helpful Garden‘s post about Farmyard Families, and some farm animal magnets from Melissa & Doug 20 Animal Magnets in a Box.  This is a simple sensory bin, which I intended because I wanted to tweak it each week as the kiddies learn more about farms.

Pretend Play–I borrowed a Fisher-Price Little People Fun Sounds Farm play set from a participating mom for pretend play.

Game–The students acted out specific behaviors of various farm yard animals.  I got this idea from Lil’ Mop Top‘s post Animal Command Cards.

Farm Themed Books

We read the following books this week:


Sensory Bin–Students paired the farm animals in the sensory bin and made matches.  For example: students matched a photograph of a chicken with the chicken magnet and the chicken figurine.


Phonemic Awareness: Listening for words–Students learned how to identify and word and a sentence.  A sentence is a group of words that tells us about something.  I demonstrated by clapping for each word in a sentence, then invited the students to join in.  The sentences were simple, like Raise your hand, or Close your eyes.

Phonics: Letter Mm–Students learned to identify the letter Mm and it’s sound.  I printed and laminated several color photos beginning with the /m/ sound.  Examples: mouse, moon, man, mirror, mountains, milk, moose, muffin.  Students practiced saying each picture name, emphasizing the /m/ sound.  I also showed a picture of a drum, and explained that the /m/ sound can be found at the beginning of a word and at the end.

Students also put together a letter puzzle I’d made.  Click on Letter M Puzzle Template to make your own.  I simply printed out the letter M on heavy cardstock and glued on wallet sized /m/ photos (the same photos from phonics, just smaller).  Laminate and cut out.  Note: for a simpler version, print two copies of the letter m, one for the puzzle and an additional one for a template mat for the students to follow.

And, we did a upper and lower case I Spy Letter Mm worksheet where students blotted out the letters Mm and then counted how many upper case and lower case Mm’s were on their page.


One to One Correspondence–I found this awesome Roll a Barn Dice Game from Play 2 Learn Printables.   This was kind of difficult for the students because I didn’t have a barn put together for them to follow, so do make an extra copy for your kiddies and have it already put together.  That way when they roll the dice and get a new piece they can follow a “map” and put the pieces in the right spot.

We also sang this song to practice one to one correspondence.  Five Pigs so Squeaky Clean from Mel’s Desk.  The students loved this song and it was such a great way to teach one to one correspondence!

Students also practiced measurement concepts with this Melissa & Doug Geometric Stacker


I found these pre-writing practice sheets on Kindertastic’s Beginning of theYear Pre-Writing Practice post.

We used a letter Mm template to make play dough letters.  I’d seen other printables for this kind of activity, but I made my own because I wanted big chunky letters because of the age range of the students.  Click Play Doh Letters for the pdf.  Just a quick note: It was going to be really, really expensive to laminate each letter of the alphabet for all six students, so instead I place the letter template in a clear protective sleeve and taped it to the preschool table.

We used this Ideal School Supply Tactile Letters Kit to practice letter formation.

Coming Next Week:

  • Counting words in sentences
  • Letter Ss
  • Pre-writing practice and story telling
  • Shapes and sorting activities
  • More one to one correspondence activities
  • Theme related music and dancing

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  2. What a wonderful sensory bin! I bet the animals loved grazing in it. Please think about linking this post to Read.Explore.Learn on my blog.

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  4. I love your resources and ideas you share with us! Thanks so much!
    As a former primate keeper at a zoo, I have to point out, though, that your “M” card has an orangutan, which is an ape – not a monkey. (The quickest way to tell is monkeys have tails.) You could maybe pass it off as a “male”, though, which you can tell because it has cheek pouches. :)

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