DIY: Cube Puzzles

Cube puzzles are a great way teach your toddler or preschooler about shapes, but it is also a great activity for fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.  They are easy to put together and children really enjoy them.

Materials needed are large index cards (5×7 inch) and cube shaped blocks of the same size.

Use the blocks to trace a design outlining an arrangement of cubes.  Mine are exactly one inch cubes, so I used a ruler to measure the outline of each design.  Laminate for added durability.

To play, invite your child to fill in the design using cubes.  Encourage your child to carefully arrange the blocks so that they are settled within the outline, not askew.

For added math practice, you can invite your child to count the number of cubes that fill in each outline, or fill it in with a pattern of colors.  There are lots of possibilities.

Have fun!

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  1. I am visiting from 123 homeschool linky and I love this simple idea. Plus blocks are usually a toy most families have. Really love this, thanks for sharing.

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