One to One Correspondence Counting Activity

one to one correspondence preschool activity - Stay At Home Educator

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One to one correspondence is a major skill preschoolers learn. This one to one correspondence counting activity is not only fun, but is also a bit more advanced than traditional counting activities, so it is perfect for preschoolers who are … Continue reading 

Decorated Tree Branch Process Art

decorated tree branch process art - Stay At Home Educator

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Process art is one thing all preschoolers love, and it is so good for them, too! The possibilities within process art are limitless! Recently, the preschoolers explored art through painting and decorated tree branches. One morning I was driving home … Continue reading 

Pencil Grasp Development


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In all the lists floating around quizzing parents about whether or not their child is ready for kindergarten, one item that may pop up is pencil grasp. Pencil grasp has to do with how your child holds a pencil for … Continue reading 

I Spy Letters – a Letter Identification Activity for Preschoolers

I spy letters, a letter identification activity for preschoolers - Stay At Home Educator

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I Spy Letters is a letter identification game for preschoolers. My preschoolers beg to play this game nearly every morning during our circle time, and who am I to say no to learning our letters and sounds? I have to … Continue reading 

Fourth of July Bracelets: a Fine Motor Activity

fourth of july bracelets a fine motor activity - Playdough to Plato

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Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. I love the patriotic colors that stream through the neighborhoods and stores. I love the sound of the American flag flapping in a gentle wind. And I love celebrating with good food … Continue reading 

Shared Art – a Process for Preschoolers

Shared process art - Stay At Home Educator

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In preschool, we adore process art. Recently, we took advantage of all the wonderful things shared art offers.My preschoolers love process art because it is always so much fun and I adore it for all the wonderful things it teaches them. … Continue reading 

Watercolor Name Recognition Activity

Watercolor Names in Preschool - Stay At Home Educator

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Name recognition is one of the most important skills a child gains from being in preschool. Learning to identify a name can be difficult for a preschooler, so I try to offer my preschoolers plenty of activities to help them out. Today, … Continue reading 

Cooking with Preschoolers – Applesauce Bread

making applesauce bread with preschoolers - Stay At Home Educator

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One thing I’ve been trying to incorporate more of into my preschool program is allowing opportunities for my preschoolers to cook. While cooking with preschoolers can be a little chaotic, it really need not be. With just a few tips … Continue reading