12 Fine Motor Task Boxes


This pack of 12 fine motor task boxes was designed with preschoolers, kindergarten and first graders in mind. Featuring a variety of fine motor tasks, these activities also reinforce literacy and math skills, too. From scissor cutting, to playdough, stickers, hole punches and so much more, this fine motor activity pack is loaded with creative, new, and fun activities that get preschoolers loving pincer grasp work.

Each activity features a hands-on and fun way to practice fine motor skill, and fits just perfectly inside a pencil box, making them super easy to grab and teach, while also making clean-up a breeze. Prep them now and always have an array of fine motor activities available for all the different skills sets in your classroom. They are perfect for morning table activities, fine motor preschool centers, and even can be used as small group activities.

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