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This bundle of summer themed number sense activities is designed for preschoolers who are getting ready for kindergarten.

Featuring numbers 0-20, these activities are help preschoolers solidify number order concepts as well as more and less concepts to give them confidence in numeracy when entering kindergarten.

This is a limited time bundle of three products:

  • 15 Summer Number Order Activities
  • 10 More & Less Concepts Activities
  • 20 Number Identification & Counting Activities

That’s 35 summer theme math activities in a steal-of-a-deal bundle!

Each activity features a hands-on and fun way to learn number identification, one-to-one correspondence, number order and basic addition and subtraction while practicing counting skills. Some even include a sensory piece. No more simply flashing cards or making matching guesses!

Check out the photos to see the activities in action!

These activities are sure to keep your rising kindergartener excited about learning math concepts.

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the 15 Summer Number Order Activities:

  • Summer Fun Number Sequencing Puzzles – Order the puzzle strips from 1-10 to complete the puzzle.
  • Ordering Lemonade – Use the corresponding number cards to order the amount of berries in each glass of lemonade.
  • Watermelon Number Order Clips – Count the number of watermelon seeds on each card and clip the corresponding number.
  • Number Order Popsicle Puzzles – Cut apart each popsicle puzzle and put it together by ordering the numbers.
  • Counting on Sunglasses Matching Activity – Match the sunglasses by matching two numbers when counting.
  • Make a Splash Number Sequencing – Identify the missing number on each card and find it on the number line below. Place a blue button or floral pebble on the number to mark it.
  • Gone Fishing Number Order Puzzles – Put the puzzles together by ordering the quantity of fish from 1-10.
  • Cool Kids Build-a-Tower Number Ordering – Identify the number on each card and order them from 1-10. Then, build towers or corresponding numbers for each card.
  • Ice Cream Scoops (Height) Number Sequencing – Sequence the ice cream cone by order of height, or from 1-10. Add pom poms or buttons to each scoop for additional counting practice.
  • Number Order Mazes – Begin at number 1 and place a counter on each number in order up to 10.
  • Water Droplet Sequencing Cards – Order the cards from 1-10. Add a button or floral pebble to each water droplet for additional counting practice.
  • Ordering Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream – Order the ice cream cones from 1-10, then practice counting by adding the corresponding number of chocolate chips to each card.
  • Sunny Magnetic Number Activity – Use magnetic numbers and a magnetic board to find the missing number on each card.
  • Ordering Popsicles Playdough Activity – Cut out the popsicles and tape to small craft sticks. Use in playdough by ordering them from 1-10.

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the 10 More & Less Concepts Activities:

  • Comparing Summer Fruits – Count the number of fruits on each side to compare which side has more, or the side which has less.
  • Fishy Adding More – Identify the number on the ten frame and then practice making more.
  • Fishy Take Some Away – Practice counting fish on the ten frame and then take some away to make less.
  • Camping Theme Making More – Identify the number on the card and use the ten frame below to make more.
  • Camping Theme Making Less – Identify the number on the card and use the ten frame below to make less.
  • Making More Ice Cream Scoops – Count the number of ice cream scoops on one side of the card. Then use pom poms to make more scoops on the other side.
  • Making Less Ice Cream Scoops – Take some scoops away to practice making less.
  • School of Fish Which is More – Count the number of fish of each color then color the white fish to identify which color has more and less.
  • Island More or Less Number Identification – Use links to make the number on each side of the card and then compare which chain is more and less.
  • Ice Cream Scoop Make One More, Make One Less – Draw a card and place it on the mat. Then create an ice cream cone with one less scoop and a second ice cream cone with one more scoop.
  • Strawberry Lemonade Make One More, Make One Less –Draw a card and place it on the mat. Then create a strawberry lemonade with one less strawberry and a second lemonade with one more strawberry.
  • Watermelon What’s One More Counting Cards – Count the number of seeds on each watermelon and then use a dry erase marker to trace the number that is one more. Add dried black beans to the watermelons for additional counting practice.
  • Drops of Water What’s One Less Counting Cards – Count the number of water droplets on each card and then use a dry erase marker to trace the number that is one less. Add blue buttons or floral pebbles to the cards for additional counting practice.
  • Adding One Addition Cards – Read the number sentence and use a paperclip or clothespin to clip the correct number to complete the algorithm.
  • Subtracting One Subtraction Cards – Read the number sentence and use a paperclip or clothespin to clip the correct number to complete the algorithm.
  • Ice Cream Truck Adding One Ten Frame Addition Mats – Read the number sentence, use two different colored counters to complete the ten frame.
  • Ice Cream Truck Subtracting One Ten Frame Subtraction Mats – Read the number sentence, use two different colored counters to complete the ten frame.

WHAT’S INCLUDED in the 20 Number Identification and Counting Activities:

  • Fruity Lemonade – Fill the ten frame with “strawberries” or other summery fruit to make fruity lemonade.
  • Splashy Coverall – Draw a card, identify the number, count it on the ten frame card, then cover the corresponding ten frame picture.
  • Summer Sun Ten Frame Dominos – Play a game of sunny dominos and practice ten frame recognition.
  • Summer Collections Board Games – Collect icy-cool popsicles and record how many you gather on a ten frame.
  • Ice Cream Cone Counting Clip Cards – Count the ice cream cones on each card and identify the corresponding number. 
  • Cool Kids Summer Counting and Number Tracing – Count the number of dots on each card and practice number tracing, too.
  • Dive into Summer Number Identification and Matching Game – Match number cards with the corresponding dice cards. Use dice to build the same number on each card.
  • Summer Theme Ten Frame Blackout Game – Players practice number and color identification with this blackout game.
  • Let’s Go Camping Number Tracing Cards – Practice number tracing with these fun camping cards.
  • Draw, Find, and Build with Sidewalk Calk Mats – Draw a number card and find the corresponding number on the mat. Build a matching tower and place it on the mat.
  • Watermelon Counting & Number Formation Cards– Practice number formation while counting watermelon seeds. These also make great playdough mats.
  • Capture and Count Butterflies– Identify the number at the top of each jar. Use small buttons to place over the butterflies at the bottom of each card, then count them again as they are moved into the jar.
  • Making Sunshine Number Identification & Counting – Identify the number of each sun, then use links to make rays of sunshine.
  • Water Splash Counting Mats – Identify the number in the corner of each mat. Use a small math manipulative, such as buttons or floral pebbles to count each water droplet.
  • Ice Cream Truck Counting Puzzles – Put together three piece puzzles by matching the written number, the numeral and the quantity.
  • Let’s Go Fishing Matching Game – Match the number next to the fisherman with the card with the corresponding  number of fish.
  • Sunny Days Number Tracing – Practice number tracing from 0-20
  • Collecting Summer Activities Matching Game – Match sand bucket number cards with the corresponding activity cards.
  • Ice Cream Scoop Counting & Number Formation Mats – Practice number formation while building ice cream cones with buttons or pom poms for scoops.
  • Sun Glasses Number Identification & Build – Identify the number of each card and count the number of blocks. Then use real blocks, such as unifix of snap cubes, to build the same number.

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These counting cards will help preschoolers develop:
  • number identification skills
  • one to one correspondence
  • number sequencing
  • quantification skills
  • subitizing skills
  • comparing numbers
  • cardinality of number
  • more & less concepts

This summer math bundle focuses on the most important number sense for preschoolers!

Kindergarten teachers get ready!
Kindergarten-bound students will be ready for higher-level math after a summer of fun learning activities focusing in number sense.
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