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Looking for creative preschool lessons that are done in an engaging and easy-to-follow way?

Look no further.

This bundle of weekly preschool lesson plans is divided into 46+ themes including all the most popular preschool themes and holidays. These lesson plans are already free on the website, but for your convenience they have been bundled together here. These pdfs will make it a breeze to prepare each week’s learning activities for your preschoolers.

Every Week of These Learn At Home Preschool Lesson Plans include:

  • literacy activities
  • math activities
  • science activities
  • social-emotional activities
  • “playful learning” activities
  • safe online activities

This bundle of weekly lesson plans for preschoolers offers 46+ weeks of learning activities. That’s over 700 activities that are already put together for you in easy-to-follow pdf’s.

free fire safety preschool lesson plans for remote teaching

Here are the themes included:

Each pdf offers a new theme of at least 16 activities, enough for the entire week.

  • apples
  • arctic animals
  • around the world
  • back to school
  • birds & nests
  • bugs & butterflies
  • colors
  • construction
  • cooking & baking
  • dinosaurs
  • fall
  • family & pets
  • food & nutrition
  • friendly monsters
  • friendship
  • gardening
  • gingerbread
  • hibernation
  • ice & snow
  • leaves
  • names
  • nocturnal animals
  • nuts & seeds
  • ocean
  • pond life
  • pumpkins
  • rain & clouds
  • shapes
  • space
  • spring
  • summer
  • things that fly
  • water fun
  • winter clothes

And these holidays are also included:

  • 4th of July
  • Christmas
  • Earth Day
  • Easter
  • Halloween
  • St. Patrick’s Day
  • Thanksgiving

Click on each photo in the gallery to see the mats in full view.

How to Use The Learn At Home Preschool Lesson Plans

These lesson plans are a list of thematic activities to do with your preschooler over the course of a week. They pair perfectly with:

Each pdf can be found on the main website for free. This is a convenience bundle which has been put together to save you time.
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These activity plans are thematic, which when paired with the Daily Lessons in Preschool Curriculum, complete your lesson planning!
  • no more wasting time looking for ideas on social media
  • no more printing activities you won't use
  • no more feeling uninspired about the theme
  • no more wondering what theme to teach next
  • no more spending valuable time doing unnecessary prep work

These pdfs are practically print and teach! And, no special teaching materials required, either.

Preschool teachers and parents get ready!
Children will be delighted to come to school with these exciting preschool themes to study. Meanwhile, teachers are relieved to do less planning and more teaching!
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