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This pack of insect themed literacy and math centers was designed with preschoolers in mind. Including 12 new and creative printable activities, your preschooler will practice skills in all five disciplines in math and all four components of early literacy, while learning about these fun creepy crawlies!

THESE Insect Themed Preschool Centers WILL HELP PRESCHOOLERS DEVELOP the following skills:

  • number sense
  • algebra
  • geometry
  • measurement
  • data analysis and probability
  • alphabetic knowledge
  • phonological awareness
  • phonemic awareness
  • letter formation
  • phonics

This pack of printable centers feature an insects theme. Activities use beautifully hand-painted images and teach about the many different kinds of insects, as well as what makes them special and useful. And with so many early learning concepts included, these preschool centers will reach a wide range of skill sets in your classroom.


This pack includes over 88 pages of printable insect theme preschool centers. Activities are as follows:

Food & Nutrition Math Activities

  • Ladybug Counting Cards (Number Sense) – Count the number of ladybugs at the top of each card. Trace the numeral on the left of the card. Finally, use counters to count out the corresponding number on the ten frame.
  • Insect Shapes Roll & Cover (Geometry) – Assemble the corresponding dice and roll. Identify the shape on the dice then cover the corresponding shape on the mat.
  • Butterfly Colors Sorting Mats (Algebra)  – Cut apart the color sorting cards and set out with a set of manipulatives in the same colors, (like pompoms). Sort the manipulatives onto the butterfly mats according to their colors.
  • Insect Measuring Cards (Measurement) – Use a non-standard unit to measure the length or width of each insect. Non-standard units can be snap cubes, pompoms, pink erasers, buttons, transparent counters, etc.
  • Insect vs. Non-Insect Race to the Top (Data Analysis) – Cut out the dice and assemble with clear tape. Roll the dice and place a counter in the corresponding space on the graph. The first column completed wins the race.
  • Beetle Pattern Cards (Algebra) – Cut apart the pattern strips and organize by pattern type. Cut apart the pattern answer cards and set in a pile. Use the pattern answer cards to complete each pattern strip.

Food & Nutrition Literacy Activities

  • Bumble Bee Letter Matching (Alphabet Knowledge) – Match the lower case letter on each bumble bee card to the bee hive with the corresponding upper case letter.
  • Insect Name Tracing Words (Letter Formation) – Cut apart the tracing cards and place in a dry erase pouch. Use a dry erase marker to trace over each word.
  • Pollinators Rhyming Words (Phonological Awareness)  – Cut apart the pollen rhyming cards and add them to the bee and flower with the corresponding rhyme.
  • Insect Fill the Syllable Jars (Phonological Awareness) – Cut apart the syllable jars and the insect cards. Place the food cards in a pile and sort onto the jar mats according to the number of syllables in each insect word.
  • Camouflage Insects Beginning Sounds Matching (Phonemic Awareness) – Cut apart the leaf cards and place in a pile. Place the letter cards in a separate pile. Draw a letter card and place it on the mat. Add the corresponding beginning sound leaves. (To simplify, place a select group of letters and matching beginning sounds and have your student work with only a few letters and sounds at once, rather than the entire alphabet).
  • Insect Word Building Cards (Phonemic Awareness) – Cut apart the word building cards. Use lettercards to spell out the word on each card.  Alternatively, magnetic letter manipulatives can be used. Find matching letter manipulatives here: Magnetic Letter Manipulatives

Click on each image in the gallery to see the activity up close!

HOW TO USE THESE Food & Nutrition Printable Preschool Centers

These insect preschool activities are not limited to only centers. They can also be used in the following settings:

  • printable preschool centers
  • small group activities
  • table top activities
  • sensory table activities
  • quick circle time activities
  • whole class skills practice
  • informal assessments


Of course, these thematic activities pair wonderfully with my Complete Preschool Curriculum because they target the same skills. With the thoughtful design of the daily lesson plans included in my curriculum, you will know exactly which food and nutrition centers to pull out during the theme. Together, they make the perfect team for a well-rounded, engaging theme based curriculum.

Make lesson planning a cinch!
These printable literacy and math centers target all the most important learning skills.
  • number identification and counting skills
  • shape building and shape recognition
  • non-standard units of measure and comparisons
  • graph reading skills
  • letter recognition
  • letter formation
  • rhyming
  • syllable counting
  • beginning sounds practice
  • word building practice

Just print, prep, and teach!

Imagine centers that can be used again and again.
This pack includes over 96 pages of printable insect themed centers that can be used together in a single unit or throughout the entire year.

Preschoolers love learning about healthy eating with these fool-proof learning centers.

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