Squirt the Letter!

Squirt the Letter, a preschool letter dientification game perfect for beating the summer heat - Stay At Home Educator

My husband is going to laugh when he reads this post.  There is a very funny story associated with this game, and let me just say that I, Mom, am at the butt of the joke…of course (and as usual)…while my son thinks that he is the most hilarious boy alive and my husband prides himself in how mischievous William can be.  Let me just say there was a fair amount of “evil laugh”ter directed at me!

Anyway…recently I posted about an easy letter name/sound assessment I had done with William, during which I discovered that William was less familiar with the letters h and J.  (Note the case).  So, with summer full on I decided to take our letter learning outside in this Squirt the Letter game.

The concept is simple.  Using sidewalk chalk, draw focus letters on the back patio or driveway.  In our case the focus letters were upper case J and lower case h.

Squirt the Letter, a letter identification game for lots of summer fun - Stay At Home Educator

Then hand your kiddie something to squirt the letters with, such as a water squirter, a spray bottle, or water gun.  Call out a letter and let your child squirt it to erase it away!

Squirt the Letter, a preschool letter identification game for summer fun - Stay At Home Educator

William really did enjoy this game a lot, however after a while he wanted to ditch the squirter and just use a bucket, but it was good for him to learn to control the squirter to wash away the entire letter.

As you may has guessed, this game got a little out of hand and Mom/I  ended up being just as wet as the pavement.  It was purely William’s idea to squirt me in the back and then the face, but my husband’s laughter only encouraged him.  At one point, the bucket of water was thrown on me, and I have yet to figure out if it was William or by husband.  Hence the evil laughter.  The boys in my life think they are pretty sly!


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9 thoughts on “Squirt the Letter!

  1. Sounds like fun (and getting wet is something my boys would have pulled on me too)…Thanks for sharing on Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land!!

  2. What a fun way to go over letters! My 3 yr would enjoy this and i am sure i would end up wet too. I pinned this to my ideas I find on kids co-op board and shared on my fb page, Jaime

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