Clanking Can Wind Chimes

For about nine months I have been saving up food cans.  Not for any particular reason except that on occasion I’ll go through a phase where I keep things like cans just in case I see a project that requires them.  I also keep tissue boxes, cardboard tubes, fancy cookie cans with lids and plastic bottle caps.  Well, my pantry was has been overflowing with various sized tin cans for too long, so I suggested to a few friends that we have our kiddies make wind chimes out of them.

The supplies are basic.  Old food cans of various sizes that can be nestled inside one another, nail, hammer, large threading needle, string, and painting materials.

Use the nail to poke a hole in the center of each can.

Then let the kiddies paint!

Just a note about painting, don’t layer the paint too thick or it will chip off once dry.  It is best to do a couple of thin layers instead.

Once dry, string them together.  Start with the smallest can and tie a knot at the end of the string.  Pull through the hole in the can.  Tie another knot and pull the string through the second can.  So on and so forth until all the cans have been strung together.  Depending on the size of the hole and the thickness of the string, you may have to double or triple knot the string to keep from pulling it all the way through the can.

If the cans are too narrow to fit your hand into for threading, try this:

Using a separate needle and string, thread the can from the top, but do not pull the string all the way through.  You can to make a loop on the inside of the can.

Then thread the string from the actual wind chimes through the loop and pull upward through the hole.

The cans should hang nestled a bit inside one another so that when the wind blows they will clank together.

Finally, the finished product hanging from the front of our house.


10 thoughts on “Clanking Can Wind Chimes

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  2. Ooh I love these! Thanks for the tip about the paint. Knowing my little guys, they’d lay it on thick. 😉 We’ll have to do this. They love the store bought wind chimes hanging over our back porch, so no doubt they would be thrilled to make some of their own.

    -Kid’s Co-op

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